Stucco Repairs

Tulsa stucco and EIFS repair services in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. We fix small and large cracks in stucco, water leaks, stucco flaking off, and blisters on stucco.There are different causes for stucco damage on your residential home or commercial building, but the most common are due to wall movement and water penetration. Although wall movement and water penetration are the leading cause for stucco repair the most time consuming to fix are due to poor craftsmanship. If stucco is not mixed properly or is applied to the wall at the wrong temperature it causes small cracks, but in about 3 months time they can grow larger and harder to fix.

We have an experienced team that has the knowledge to fix any kind of stucco repair. This is a very delicate process and if rushed or not fixed properly it can cause even more damage. If its not fixed in time it can cause the following: water leaks, damage to interior walls, cracks expand and grow larger, wood and wall rotting,
deterioration of sheathing and framing, and degrades the entire EIFS installation. We can help restore this wonderful exterior back to its original state. Please contact us via phone or email for your free estimate.

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