Stone repair
We offer stone and masonry repair services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. Our expert masons can repair residential and commercial natural stone of all shapes and sizes. We deal with masonry and stone repairs on a daily basis.

If your natural stone exterior is not maintained properly the life expectancy of your natural stone could be reduced.  The most common reason stone is repaired is due to mortar cracks. When there are mortar cracks, damaged stone, or missing stone they become the main point of entry into your masonry wall causing more damage to the entire stone wall.

When we prepare to fix a stone wall we provide samples of stone that best match your current natural stone exterior. We take into consideration that builders or contractors use different color dyes in mortar to produce a color that adds character to the stone. We match all the materials used on your original masonry wall to the best of our abilities. Our goal is to repair your exterior masonry wall without signs of repair. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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