Brick Repairs
We specialize in brick repair and mortar repair  in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. We have fixed small mortar cracks due to foundation settling to replacing an entire brick wall. We deliver nothing but quality work and offer an outstanding warranty with every brick repair completed.

Brick is manufactured to exceed a life of over 100 years if properly maintained. By fixing mortar cracks and cracked bricks we improve the water penetration resistance that could cause deteriorated mortar and bricks in the future. This is because the most common cause of water entry into a brick masonry wall is through cracked mortar joints and cracked brick that have lost the bond it once had.

We repair a brick wall by replacing all cracked or broken bricks with the same kind of brick or something similar. We will completely remove all the damaged bricks from the wall.  Some manufacturers have discontinued certain sizes and styles, but we do our best to match your current style, texture, and size of brick. We provide samples of brick with every job before proceeding with the repair. All deteriorated mortar joints are removed and replaced with healthy mortar while working hard to match your current mortar on the masonry wall. Builders have used mortar color to add character to brick walls for years. We match the color of your current wall to the best of our abilities by using the same ingredients as the original structure was built with. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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