Brick Walkway
We install brick walkways in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. These brick walkways can be used as sidewalks and pathways that can eventually lead to your driveway. A variety of brick walkway patterns are available to choose from like the traditional basket weave and herringbone brick pattern.  Brick walkways have been trending due to the depth in color and the added character that brick offers over regular concrete. But there are a lot of advantages to using brick as your walkway rather than commonly used materials.

Brick sidewalks or walkways last for a long period of time and are extremely durable. Time has shown that brick sidewalks have lasted more than three times as long as concrete sidewalks without needing repairs or maintenance. Brick walkways have the ability to shift slightly without cracking due to soil movement, tree roots, and insect life. Brick walkways and sidewalks are also low maintenance and are relatively cheaper to repair compared to concrete sidewalks. Concrete sidewalk repairs can cost between 10 to 30 times more than a brick sidewalk making the brick sidewalk a better investment.  We encourage you to contact us today for your free brick walkway estimate.
Brick Walkway Gallery