Brick Sealer Services
Tulsa brick sealing services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. We seal vertical and horizontal brick surfaces using high gloss sealers, low gloss sealers, and waterproofers. The sealers and water proofers we use can be applied in outdoor and indoor brick veneers. All of the brands we use come with a manufacturers warranty.

Brick and masonry sealers protect your brick from absorbing water and stains whether its a brick wall, patio, walkway, chimney, fireplace, driveway, mailbox, etc, it will produce a nice low or high gloss.  Our waterproof brands penetrate the brick and mortar creating a barrier inside that keeps the water out, but allows trapped vapors to escape. This reduces the chances of corrosion, spalling, efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. It also reduces  mold, mildew, and algae growth giving you a healthier brick veneer.  Contact us today for your free estimate.